We have not included much anecdotal or educational material on this web site. There is a wealth of such information (some written by Jacey) on other web sites. Below are listed some of those sites. Please browse through them, if you haven't already. They will help open you up to the wonderful world of Shibas.

American Kennel Club
Shiba breed standard and a brief overview of the breed.

National Shiba Club of America
The AKC Parent Club for the Shiba.  Much information about
the breed, breeder referral, events, regional clubs and rescue.

The Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern California 

Shiba Inu Homepage
More Shiba information, tips and links.   Especially designed
for the new Shiba owner.

Yokohama Atsumi Kennel
For the Shiba fancier who wants to know more about its origins,
famous Japanese Shibas, and detailed information from a
Japanese breeder.

Kennel Saijõtõ
A homepage with lots of pictures and information about the breed.